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Curriculum Vitae


1962 Born in Xinxian, Henan Province, China
1983 Received BFA from the Department of Art, Henan University, Henan, China
1983 Volunteered as a professor of art to instruct in Tibet
1989 Resided and painted throughout Japan. Became revered for paintings of dragons
1991 Founded C&G Wall Paintings Production in Japan
1994 Immigrated to the United States; resided and painted in New York City, New York
1997 Moved to Los Angeles, California; painted throughout the United States
1999 Established Cao Yong Editions, Inc. in the City of Industry, California

1983 – 1989

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Art, Tibet University
  • Artist working under contract with Beijing People's Fine Art Publisher
  • Artist working under contract with Tianjin People's Fine Art Publishers
  • Copied hundreds of ancient wall paintings and cave paintings from monasteries and mountain caves throughout Tibet
  • Completed more than forty oil paintings of "The Split Layer of Mount Kalias" series
  • Illustrated a picture book titled, "Female Buddha"
  • Illustrated a picture book titled, "A Venomous Viper" (adapted from Alexei Tolstoi's novel)
  • Painted numerous illustrations for books, magazines, and newspapers

Artist and Mural Artist

  • Completed over thirty oil paintings of "The Split Layer of Mount Kailas" series
  • Painted over one hundred oil paintings covering the subjects of culture, religion, and customs in Tibet and Nepal
  • Painted a number of city murals in Japan. The major murals include:
    • A mural for “King's Restrant" Murals for Maruhiro Department Store, Kawagoe
    • A mural for “King's Restrant" Robinson Department Store, Utsunomiya
    • Aqua fantasy mural (2600 square feet) for Daiei Department Store, Yokosuka
    • A mural for “King's Restrant" Hankyu Department Store, Kyoto
    • A mural for “Asahi Pia 21" Takashimaya Department Store, Chiba
    • A mural for "Agio" Isetan Department Store, Saitama
    • A mural (4300 square feet Dragons) for "Ise Sengoku Zidai Mura", Mie
    • A mural for "STUDIO BAR" the Landmark Tower, Yokohama
    • A mural for "Agio" Sunshine 60 Building, Tokyo
    • Murals for China Town, Yokohama

Artist and President of Cao Yong Editions, Inc.
1994 - Present:

  • Worked under contract with Aaron Ashley Publishers, New York, NY
  • Worked under contract with Colville Publishing, Torrance, CA
  • Painted many series of paintings including:
    • Bars in New York Series
    • Romantic Garden Series
    • Golden Coast Series
    • Hawaii Series
    • Venice Series
    • Paris Series
    • Freedom
    • Mediterranean Series
    • American Series
    • Eastern Series
    • Tibet Series
    • Pottery Series


1996 Exhibited work at Art Expo 1996, New York, NY
1997 Exhibited work at Art Expo 1997, New York, NY
1999 Exhibited work at Art 21 Expo, Las Vegas, NV
2000 Exhibited work at Art Expo 2000, New York, NY
2000 Exhibited work at Art Décor Expo 2000, Atlanta, GA
2001 Exhibited work at Art Expo 2001, New York, NY
2001 Exhibited work at Art Décor Expo 2001, Atlanta, GA
2002 Exhibited work at Art Expo 2002, New York, NY
2002 Exhibited work at Art Décor Expo 2002, Atlanta, GA
2003 Exhibited work at Art Expo 2003, New York, NY

2005 Exhibited work at Art Expo 2005, New York, NY

2008 Exhibited work at Art Expo 2008, Las Vegas, NV
2010 Exhibited work at Art Expo 2010, Shanghai, China


1995 Originals, "Women and Children Under the Sunshine" and "The Children Sang the Old Song" sold by Christie's Auction, New York, NY

2002 "Freedom" painting was hung at the Los Angeles, CA Fire Department Headquarters for the September 11 Anniversary Memorial Service

2002 Painting "Freedom" was exhibited and hung at the United Nations Art Exhibition, New York, NY

2002 "Freedom" Image Banner was used as a backdrop for the "Salute to Our Heroes" Concert by the Queens Symphony Orchestra, Queens, NY

2002 "Freedom" was donated to the New York City Fire Department, Engine #54, Ladder #4, where 15 of its Firemen were killed during the September 11, 2001, attack of Twin Towers, New York City

2002 "Freedom" Unveiling Ceremony in Naperville City Hall and receipt of Honorary Citizen Award hosted by Mayor of Naperville, IL

2002 Cao Yong invitation by Chicago, IL, Fire and Police Departments to participate in observance ceremonies of September 11, anniversary

2002 "Freedom" painting auctioned by the Salvation Army, Los Angeles, CA

2002 "Freedom" painting was the main event at the Memorial Symphony Concert, Bakersfield, CA

2002 Cao Yong received awards for Artist of the Year in which "Freedom" painting was dedicated to all Fire Departments during the Annual Awards Ceremonies held at the Los Angeles County Fire Department Station #118, City of Industry, CA

2003 "Freedom" was auctioned at the United States Pacific Rim Chamber Fundraising Conference, hosted by California Congresswoman, Grace F. Napolitano

2003 "Freedom" was auctioned at the Los Angeles Habitat For Humanity, Charity Fundraising Art Auction held in Beverly Hills, CA

2003 "Freedom" was used for the Seventh Annual Hispanic Council Mariachi Concert at Pepperdine University, CA

2003 "Freedom" painting dedicated to NASA, Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX, where Cao Yong was honored in a ceremony and received a picture of a space shuttle on blast off from earth

2003 Received compliment and thank you letters from thirteen United States Senators for gifts of the "Freedom" painting

2004 "Freedom" painting was the main event at the annual Hacienda Heights, CA Fourth of July Parade where it was displayed and Cao Yong rode atop the Los Angeles County Fire Department Station #118 Fire Truck

2005 Constitution Day, Inc. requested a commission of an original oil painting that was titled, "We The People" in honor of Constitution Day celebrated every September 17

2005 "Freedom" painting was the main display at the annual Hacienda Heights, CA Fourth of July Parade, where it was on displayed at Steinmetz Park and was viewed by government officials and the general public

2005 "We The People" dedication ceremony in honor of Constitution Day held at Independence Hall, Knotts Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA

2005 Cao Yong received six awards at the Constitution Day Ceremony from:

    • The Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge
    • California State Senator, Dick Ackerman
    • Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
    • Congressman, Ed Royce
    • Congressman, Gary Miller
    • Orange County of Board of Supervisors

2005 "We the People" painting is the official front cover image of "The Constitution of the United States" booklet published by Constitution Day, Inc.

2005 Reception honoring Cao Yong from The Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge, PA for his contribution of "We The People" painting

2005 "We the People" and "Freedom" dedication ceremony at the Los Angeles County Hall of Administration, where the paintings will hang in the public meeting hall of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

2006 "We the People" was added to the National Liberty Museum's collection

2006 "We the People" and "Freedom" were presented at California State Society Headquarters Daughters of the American Revolution.

2006 Cao Yong was awarded the "2006 Inspiration Award" by the International Leadership Foundation (ILF). The International Leadership Foundation is a non-profit organization, which promotes the civic awareness, involvement and effectiveness of Asian Pacific Americans, by providing future Asian American leaders with a practical understanding of how our government works, through the Summer Public Affairs Internship Program

2006 Beijing Cao Yong International Fine Art Gallery was opened at the center of Beijing

2006 Cao Yong's painting "We the People" was display at the Knot's Independence Hall for the 2nd years celebration of the Constitution Day

2006 Cao Yong was awarded "Recognition of Support" by the Southern California Regional District Export Council in the U.S. Middle East Ambassadors Conference. In the conference, Cao Yong's painting Freedom was presented to the eight U.S. Middle East Ambassadors. Freedom is now displayed in the Ambassadors embassy oversea

June, 2007 Federal Asian Pacific American Council(FAPAC) using Cao Yong's artworks as a motivation in "Pursuing Excellence through Leadership, Diversity and Unity" theme of the year Seminar and Conference at Marriott Crystal Gateway. "Lahaina Afternoon" as FAPAC conference Journal Book Back Cover, "Freedom" & "We the People" as a full Event page for the 22nd Annual Congressional Seminar National Leadership Training Conference & Exhibits in 2007/2008 Asian American Yearbook. Also showed Cao Yong Documentary during the Conference & Exhibits Event.

July, 2007 Finished epic painting "Voice of the East".

July, 2007 Los Angeles Chinese American Sheriff Advisory Comittee(LACASA) presented Cao Yong's "We the People" painting to California Supreme Court Justice, Ming W. Chin

Aug., 2007 Cao Yong was selected as the feature artist of MBDA’s (Minority Business Development Agency) annual entrepreneurial award.

Aug., 2007 Tao was translated into English and published by Portobello publisher.

Sept., 2007 Constitution Day Event

Oct., 2007 Cao Yong Edition won in a Filed Sued case against Costco Wholesale, Inc. for Copyright Infringement - Selling Cao Yong's Limited Edition Counterfeit Fine Artworks

Mar., 2008 Cao Yong was invited to the NRCC (national Republic Congressional Committee) annual event and meet president Bush.

Mar., 2008 Cao Yong was interviewed and covered on the Art section of LA Times newspaper.

April, 2008 Cao Yong was invited by congresswoman Grace Napolitano to be an art contest judge.

April, 2008 Gallery exhibition with Parkhurst Gallery, San Pedro, CA.

April, 2008 Gallery exhibition with City Gate Gallery, St. Augustine, FL.

May, 2008 Gallery exhibition with Art Brillant, Beverly Hill, CA.

Aug., 2008 "Voice of the East" was selected by the Olympic committee to print on china and use as a special gift for the VIPs who attended the Olympic.

Aug., 2008 The President/CEO of the Recording Academy (The Grammy) visits Cao Yong's Art Gallery in Beijing

Sept., 2008 Exhibit in Las Vegas International Art Expo 2008.

Dec., 2008 Gallery exhibition with American Vision Art Gallery, Folsom, CA.

Dec., 2008 Gallery exhibition with NCH Gallery, Corona, CA.

Dec., 2008 Finished "Love without Border".

Jan., 2009 Cao Yong is at Asian Art Top Show (2009 Art Fair), the "Love without Border" show event in Beijing.

June, 2009 Cao Yong's artwork, "Love Without Border", is at the one year anniversary of music and art showcase in Sichuan, China

2009 Cao Yong Gallery Shows: Parkhurst Gallery, San Pedro, CA; Seaside Gallery, Pismo Beach, CA; Cutter and Cutter, St. Augustine, FL

Feb., 2010 Gallery exhibition with Parkhurst Gallery, San Pedro, CA.

Feb., 2010 Gallery exhibition with American Vision Art Gallery, Folsom, CA.

June, 2010 Gallery exhibition with 5 Wentworth Galleries: 1 in Schaumburg, IL; 2 in Atlanta, GA; 1 in McLean, VA; 1 in Bethesda, VA

Sept., 2010 Expo 2010 Shanghai, China

Oct, 2010 Cao Yong Limited Edition "freedom" was selected as the 2010 Crystall Ball Silent Auction for Methodist Hospital Foundation

Oct, 2011 Gallery exhibition at Parkhurst Galleries in San Pedro, CA


1993 Monograph of collected paintings; "The Split Layer of Earth--Mount Kailas" was published in Tokyo, Japan

1995 Biography; "Escape" was published by Bungeishunjuu Publishers in Tokyo, Japan. The book received the Grand Prize for the 17th Non-Fiction Book Award by Kodansha Book Publishers

2001 Monograph of collected paintings by Cao Yong, published by Cao Yong Editions, Inc.

2005 Monograph of newer editions of collected paintings by Cao Yong, published by Cao Yong Editions, Inc.

2006 "The Life and Painting of Cao Yong" by Stone, published by The Writers Publishing House in Beijing, China.

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