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Viewers Comments:

Tell Mr. Yong that his new painting is stunning.When I looked at it,it brought tears to my eyes because it brought back many beautiful memories.He really captures the heart and sole of that particular town as he does in all of his paintings.I believe that's because he really puts his heart into the paintings that he does.The details are fantastic.As you know I personally like the larger paintings he produces and also the medium sized.I believe he would be doing an injustice to this particular piece if he made it too small. As I look at,(and this is on the computer),I can imagine myself at the vantage point from where it was painted looking down on the tranquil and peaceful scene and just letting my thoughts go.The painting is beautiful, I only wish I could afford to buy it at this time.
Please give Mr.Yong my most sincere best wishes and tell him that God gave him a gift so that he could bring beatiful art to the world.

     They are gorgeous, colors are breathtaking. I am interesting in the one entitled Lahaina Afternoon, but love them ALL!
Catherine Stiteler.

      I was so touched when meeting Cao by his warmth, kindness and beautiful soul at B & R Gallery on the 27th. His soul shines through his work and his wonderful smiling face. I will cherish the paintings I've purchased...and will pass them down to generations with love. They are truly 'treasures'. I was honored to meet Cao and look forward to, God willing, be able to learn more about him and his genius. I also enjoyed talking with Caesar, Qing, Cao's photographer, his lovely sister and the people at the gallery. It was a great joy. A beautiful experience meeting all of you. I can't wait to see what Cao paints next...and hopefully to be able to collect his work for a long time. God bless you all.Your friend,
Corinne Sessarego.

      Hi..just wanted to say I was so glad to find your web site..I recently visited an art gallery in Pismo Beach and fell in love with Cao Yongs work..I love your web site and would love to recieve a catalog if possible...thank you...
Brenda Phelps.

      Some people have art that only appears for a short period of time, Caoâs art is long lasting. It is something that you can keep forever. People will look at his master pieces in 22nd century.
An art dealer, New York.

      "We have been in this business for 25 years and Cao is an once in a life time opportunity for people who sell art. Our customers are usually Americans, and Cao is from Far East, but people relate to his work. I believe that Cao seems to have got a soul to each of his paintings. A lot of artists can paint a scene, but his are hearts and souls behind the scenes. This is what distinguishes Cao's art from those of many other artists."
Martin Brown, gallery owner, California.

      Our customers often told us that "We love Cao's work because it's so happy!" In Cao's paintings, not only can you find intimate details and cherry colors, you can also sense a playful innocence. I think Cao's work brings out the childhood of all of us.
Jill Nese, galleries owner, California.

      "I knew Cao was going to be successful, but I didn't know it would happen so fast. I have been in this business for 27 years, and Iâve never seen anything like this. Cao is a true genius."
Mark Schachner, gallery owner, New York 

      "Your (Cao's) talents are truly magnificent and you have brightened up our lives and our home with your painting"
Rick and Janet Hansen, collectors, California.

About Cao's Paintings:

      "Most artists cannot capture portraiture as well as landscape, but Cao is able to capture both equally well. It is very unusual for an artist to put characters in the landscape, which makes the piece much more interesting and inviting. You simply want to walk into his artwork."
Pam Brown, gallery owner, California.

      "Cao has a great balance among the figurative, the landscape and the architect studies. This really help people to relate to Caoâs work because the collectors are not turned away by one specific and dominate theme. They can see in each area of the painting that they relate to, and as a composite it all come together."
Martin Brown, gallery owner, California.

      "Each time I look at Cao's painting I find something new. His art is like a special gift that brings you a pleasant surprise everyday."
A customer.

      "Absolutely fantastic! I have never seen anything so realistic. Every little detail is so precise that you can almost touch it and feel it."
An art dealer.

About Cao Yong:

      "He (Cao) is very energetic, and very very bright. He must have had the gift; his gift to paint, and it is steered by the intellect. That's powerful, and that's wonderful. Cao is a gifted ball of energy, just a fireball of energy. And he leaves a very pleasant feelings when he visits your place· He doesnât have any pretense, he comes as himself."
Marvin Carson, gallery owner, New York

      "I think there is something very special in you, something magic about you, because you made friends and earned peopleâs trust in every place you went, and you trusted people and believed on people in a way only a great man would do it."
Maite Pampin, 15, Uruguay, South America.

      "It is hard not to like Cao. He is like to has like only good bones in his body. He is very very loveable. He is simply a very special person. I can't find anything not to like about Cao Yong."
Mark Schachner, gallery owner, New York


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