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Image Size: 15" x 35"
Archival Giclee on Canvas
Limited Edition of 950 Signed and Numbered plus 200 Artist Proof


Image Size: 18" x 42"
Archival Giclee on Canvas
Limited Edition of 750 Signed and Numbered plus 150 Artist Proof


Image Size: 24" x 56"
Archival Giclee on Canvas
Limited Edition of 500 Signed and Numbered plus 100 Artist Proof


One extremely cold winter night when I was trekking through the Tibetan plateau, I failed to find the shelter of a nomad's tent where I might borrow a small corner to keep myself warm. The only protection against the bitter cold and snow was my meager, torn, sleeping bag. At first, my body heat melted the ice under the bag but then it froze hard against the ground. All night long I kept rubbing my body to keep from freezing to death, hoping and praying that I would just survive through the night. I fought to stay awake through the dark, bitter cold and never-ending night. I thought of memories that were warm...the dirty, smelly sheep skin a Tibetan man once wrapped me in, the fire bucket surrounded by my family members, and especially the loving warmth of my mother's embrace. Through the long agonizing hours, I anxiously waited and prayed and watched with hope for even the tiniest golden ray of sunglight to rise.

Even so faintly, the first beautiful, glorious rays of sunlight appeared on the horizon. Gradually, as the sun rose in the sky, the warmth of the sun's energizing life flowed throughout my body as I became alive, I felt like I was reborn! At that moment, I knew that I had beaten death just one more time.

I felt such a deep love well up in my heart that it brought tears to my eyes...a love for the mystery and beauty of life for the glorious sun and earth. I was so humbled by this amazing and sobering experience that taught me how to precious, fragile and very short life really is. I thanked God for being alive!

Years later, on a glorious morning in which I was bathed in a beautiful and intoxicating Mediterranean Sunrise that was so bright and yet so gentle, I vividly recalled that night long, long ago. Even to this day, I still feel that deep, profound love...a love for the sun, the earth...a love for life!

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