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" Pretty Life in Monterosso "

Image Size: 24" x 48"
Archival Giclee on Canvas
Limited Edition of 750 Signed and Numbered plus 75 Artist Proof

Image Size: 18" x 36"
Archival Giclee on Canvas
Limited Edition of 950 Signed and Numbered plus 95 Artist Proof

"When I was traveling in Italy, I visited one of the five fishing villages (Cinque Terre) - Monterosso. The biggest difference between Monterosso and the other four villages is that it shapes inward, like a baby sleeping in the mothers embrace.
While I am strolling down the village enjoying the natural fragrance that filled the air, suddenly, a delicious aroma caught my attention. I followed the aroma to a building at the corner of an alley. I peek through a window and saw an old but energetic man orchestrating his chefs. By the rhythm of his precise movement and the fabulous smell, I could tell that he is a master of chefs. It was not mealtime yet. I walked around and took some pictures. After awhile I went back to the restaurant and it was already filled up with people. I spoke with few waiters and they all told me that the tables are all occupied. Suddenly, a chubby young chef walked out of the kitchen and told me a customer just called to postpone his reservation; therefore, I could use the table upstairs. I remember him. Earlier when I was peeking through the window, we greeted each other with a smile.

When I tried their food, the taste profoundly moved me that I will never forget. A delicious dish does not require costly ingredients, but the concentration and abilities of the chefs. When never tasted food is in front of a person, one will concentrate every bite and not limit himself. Never miss any chances of tasting new food because you might find new memories of taste. In my experience, I have learned not to define any occurrence before I have participate in it, and even experiences could not set as definite truths.

A beautiful life begins with the caring of ones own body. Our body explores every adventure and experiences every bit of life with us, how can we not care. In Monterosso, if one wishes to bath, he could use the bathroom or go into the broad ocean; there won't be any disturbance. In this small village one does not need to speed fiercely on the highway, and being in the seashore is like a transition from a competing field to a night show. Ones mind needs space, ones living also require spaces. In Monterosso, one could leave his busy life and prejudice behind, and it will adjust ones pace to a natural rhythm. One will learn to embrace nature and enjoy its beauty. In this village, an array of wine selections is available. Grapes could be found everywhere, whether it's dried, fresh, or ripe, tide sways and ebbs, corals and seaweeds with fishes surrounding it, all the natural beauties could be seen here. One will find his connection with nature and appreciates its appearance.

In the painting, vines crawl out of the cozy wall, light shown through the vintage window, joyful children, relax seniors, giggling tourists and the centuries old tree these are all my deepest feelings of life. A pretty life is like a bottle with spring water, clear and sparkling. When ones spirits is free up, one could create and experience the true meaning of life anywhere and anytime."

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