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!! RECENT EVENT !! -- An Invitation From "The Wonder City" in Hangzhou, China. Cao Yong's International Art Museum Grand Opening, Thursday, October 25th, 2018 at 10:00 am. Address of "The Wonder City" inHangzhou, China is Basement 1, Building 3, The Wonder City, Qiaosi, Hangzhou, Zhejkiang, China. Thank you.
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 Cao Yong has emerged from the shadows and into the light through his life's quest to create magnificent paintings. An adventuresome and introspective soul, Yong's breathtaking paintings flow from his heart onto the canvas.
 "My goal as an artist is to be fully aware and observe my feelings of every moment of life and express it through art," Yong says. He displays his inner depth on canvas and believes that art connects his senses, emotions and spirit with that of others.....Click on the image below to continue reading

Master of Artists - Cao Yong
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