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Image Size: 24" x 20"
Archival Pigment Ink Print on Canvas
Limited Edition of 950 Signed and Numbered plus 140 Artist Proof

Image Size: 36" x 31"
Archival Pigment Ink Print on Canvas
Limited Edition of 750 Signed and Numbered plus 110 Artist Proof (AP Low)

Image Size: 47" x 40"
Archival Pigment Ink Print on Canvas
Limited Edition of 350 Signed and Numbered plus 50 Artist Proof (AP Low)

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The Heartbeat of New York

One night in faraway Tibet, I sat reflecting on a lonely hilltop. While immersed in the luminous moonlight that had spread its glow onto the valley and surrounding mountains of Shangri-La, half-ways around the world from America, New York unexpectedly came into my vision.

Time and space had filtered out the noises; and I could feel, for the first time, the tremendous life-giving energy and heartbeat of that dazzling City, where I had resided for three years when I first arrived in the United States.

I didn't plan to create my first painting of New York City in such a primitive mountain village. However, when my existence and ego were transcended by Tibet's vast and peaceful land, the emotions and memories that New York had evoked in me were so complex and overwhelming that I felt compelled to try to capture just a small fragmentt of one of many mystical moments in the magical City of New York.

New York is a city that magnetizes and overwhelms you; yet, behind all the glamour and splendor, remains the same wonder, intimicy, warmth, and joy that fills every corner of the City; as simple, yet, as rich as life itself.

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